Who is the main character in The John Grisham's novel The Rainmaker?define the answer

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This is one of my favorite books--and movies. The main character is Rudy Baylor, a brand-new law school graduate who takes a job at a law firm that has a shady reputation. A "rainmaker" is a lawyer who can generate a lot of business for a law firm, and Rudy certainly does his best with his case against the Great Benefits Insurance Company.

I highly recommend the movie version as well. It is very faithful to the book. The audiobook is good as well; no one can read Grisham's books better than Michael Beck.

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Rudy, a lawyer who is just getting on his feet. Thrown out into the real world and uses his morals and good hearted nature to win a case against insurance fraud.

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Rudy Baylor is the main character.