What is the main character flaw in Leonid Andreyevitch from The Cherry Orchard?

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accessteacher eNotes educator| Certified Educator

This play certainly presents us with a range of characters who are shown to be blind to their problems or to ignore them. Leonid is the brother of Madame Ranevsky, and his biggest failing sems to be his complete lack of ability to act to save his family's property. He seems to be addicted to two things: billiards and fruit candies. He loves to talk about various plans and strategies to save his family's fortunes, but crucially, he shows himself completely unable to act on any of these dreams and just remains playing billiards and waiting for someone else to save his family's property. He is like his sister in that both are unable to move away from the past. To both of them, they can only conceive of the cherry orchard as it was when they were children, which prevents them from seeing the very real threat they are facing as it is in danger of being sold. Living in the past too much is shown to be a definite danger in this play as is the inaction and inertia of the rich.

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