In the American Society by Gish Jen

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Who are the main characters in the story "In the American Society?" What are their main actions?  

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The main characters of the story are Ralph Chang, the Chinese owner of a pancake restaurant, and his family: his wife, and his daughters Mona and Callie, the narrator. Other characters include Booker and Cedric, two undocumented workers at the restaurant, and Jeremy Brothers, a white neighbor who disrespects Ralph at a party.

The action of the story serves to highlight the difficulties Ralph has in acclimating to American society. This is seen in the two main plot points of the story: Ralph's desire to be a benefactor to Cedric and Booker, and his humiliation at the party at the hands of Jeremy. Ralph persists in thinking about his business in the same way his grandfather "reigned" over his village in China. To that end, he thinks of his employees as servants, asking them to do odd jobs, and in return he hopes to ensure their loyalty by doling out money and personal assistance when needed. It is hard for him to understand that employer-employee relationships are very different in the...

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