What main changes does Paul Fisher go through?

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In Edward Bloor's novel Tangerine, Paul Fisher is the main character and narrator. He is also a dynamic character. The main change he goes through is finding his identity in the shadow of his older brother, Erik. He also finds the courage to confront Erik at the end of the novel, which no one else in his life has been able to do.

Paul is dealing with a move from Houston, Texas to Florida. He has a pragmatic mother and a nearly absent father. His father focuses most of his energy on his dreams of football glory for his oldest son, Erik. Paul also has a disability, he is vision impaired, and has fuzzy memories of the accident that caused this.

Paul has confidence in his abilities in soccer but gets kicked off the team at Lake Windsor Middle School because he is on an IEP, or individualized education plan, and the school can't insure him as a player. Due to a sinkhole which destroys most of the portable classrooms at Lake Windsor Middle, Paul is able to transfer to Tangerine Middle School. He...

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