What are the main causes of the loss of biodiversity?

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trophyhunter1 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

A loss of biodiversity is often times tied to habitat destruction. Once land is cleared for farming, housing, lumber, etc. it leaves little room for those species dependent on those areas for homes. As one species dies off, others quickly follow as they are linked in food chains and webs. Certain areas of the world have high levels of biodiversity namely tropical rainforests. Unfortunately, these areas are being lost due to development, farming, removal of wood for producing furniture and other reasons. As one travels from the Equatorial regions of the world towards either pole, biodiversity and species richness decreases. Biodiversity is a function of climate however humans can influence the numbers of species in a given area. The greater the biodiversity in an area, the more healthy the area is.

maboo11 | Student

Biodiversity is an important part of the environment that is suffering dangers from various practices taking place in the arena in the face of modernization and technology. The interference of the weapons of mass destruction was not only proving to be a disaster for human's health but was also ruining biodiversity. Global warming and damage done to the ozone layer were also a couple of the causes of loss of biodiversity. Other reasons for loss of biodiversity are inclusive of the introduction of pesticides and insecticides and deforestation. Even the discharge of effluent and sewage into bodies of water became the cause of soil erosion, which in turn, contributed to the destruction of biodiversity.

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