What are the main archetypes in the story of Argonauts?

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An archetype is an example or a template that is used repeatedly in literature. The story of "Jason and the Golden Fleece" is replete with archetypes. Since I am not sure which version of the Argonaut myth you are using, I will refer to the classic Argonautica by Apollonius of Rhodes.

The most important archetype in this tale is the archetype of the hero’s quest or hero’s journey. This archetype was explored in depth by Joseph Campbell, who documented a series of well-known steps in a hero’s quest that are found throughout mythology. These steps include when the hero receives a call to adventure from a herald, meets allies and enemies, undergoes ordeals, and returns from the quest with the object of the quest and with hard-won knowledge about himself and life.

The actual hero of the tale is another archetype. Here the hero Jason often seems all too human, fallible, and unheroic, which adds tension and interest to the story. He often is contrasted with an actual hero who also along for...

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