What is Maggie's last name in "Everyday Use" by Alice Walker?

Expert Answers
teachertaylor eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Maggie's last name in "Everyday Use" appears to be Johnson just like her mother's.  There is no suggestion in the story that Maggie's last name is different from her mother's last name.  Maggie may, however, change her last name following tradition when she gets married to John Thomas.  And Maggie seems like the type of girl who firmly believes in tradition--she has learned to quilt because her mother and grandmother also quilted.  So Maggie's name later (outside the scope of the story) would likely change from Johnson to Thomas.  Maggie does not rebel against traditional family values, like carrying the family's name; her sister Dee is the one who has changed her name to Wangero to reflect what she believes is a more authentic African past and cultural heritage.