Why did Shakespeare write plays?

What made William Shakespeare start writing plays and having people perform them?

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A perfect answer to this question is impossible, as we cannot know with certainty what motivated him in the 1590s to be in London and to become a playwright. However, a few historical contexts point to plausible influences.

First, because his father was a glove maker and trader of agricultural products, Will would have qualified to attend the Stratford grammar school. This school was considered a strong educator of young boys among many strong grammar schools founded by Henry VIII after he dissolved the monastic schools (Christopher Marlowe's school in Canterbury is also considered strong). The curriculum here would have been the medieval trivium, a solid training in grammar, logic, and rhetoric . Boys were trained to read and to speak, and the method of training in the classical mode produced highly literate and articulate students. A feature of this pedagogy was writing imitations, "speech in character work," and modest theatrical performance to train for work in the law courts. It is not...

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