What made Romeo and Juliet's love an infatuation?if possible please list 3 examples

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Just moments before Romeo saw Juliet, he was desperately in love with Rosaline. This shows that he falls in and out of love quickly, which means he doesn't know what deep, true love is.

When Juliet first meets Romeo, she is in his presense for only a short time, but she already thinks she is in love with him. She has not developed a relationship to foster love. She is speaking of her first reaction to him, infatiuation.

In Act II it speaks of Romeo and Juliet being "bewitched by looks," meaning that their mutual attraction is really love, but lust.

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- romeo was first in love with rosaline, but than he fell in love with juliet, meaning his heart changes quickly

- romeo wanted to replace rosaline, since rosaline had rejected him

- romeo is in love with juliet's appearence instead of her

- both of them are too young to understand the true meaning of love

- juliet young, and easy influenced

- they have 'fallen in love' too quickly, like in two days

hoped it had helped :D

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