What made President Franklin D. Roosevelt's speech "A Date Which Will Live In Infamy" so effective ?

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mizzwillie eNotes educator| Certified Educator

President Roosevelt's speech, "A Date Which Will Live in Infamy" was so effective for several reasons.  The United States was not in the war when Pearl Harbor was attacked, and many people wanted to avoid involvement.   The attack was a shock with many outraged people wondering if Japan would also attack our west coast somewhere.   The speech was given over the radio with President Roosevelt speaking directly to the people.  He calmed the fears of invasion and stoked the fires of joining the Allies to defend freedom and defeat the Axis powers.  His speech was short but called for an immediate response from the people to support the cause of responding to the daring attack of the Japanese on America. He also made clear that America was in the right and Japan was wrong to do such an underhanded attack.

eaamon | Student

it was similar to the 9-11 attack. done to get the US involved in a war.

first we shut down all gasoline and oil supplies to Japan. this was used to feed them...keep their country running. their attack was expected, but not disclosed to those hit by it at Pearl Harbor.

way back before WWII there was al-queda. they were a family trying to remove Bin Ladens family from rule. however the British an US got together and took over the country of Arabia and put the Saud family incharge. hense the name change to Saudi Arabia. this happened during WWII, my dad was there. if you read up on the desert fox, Rommel he was headed that way but the allied forces beat him there. Bin Laden just wanted the US out of Arabia.

it does make one wonder when you hear other countries calling the US war mongers. I feel we illegally invaded Afghanistan and Iraq. although we know Sadam had weapons of mass destruction. it was during Regan's term that Rumsfeld sold them to him along with instructions on how to use them......on the Kurds.