What Made the Great River Valleys different?2-3 sentences

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lynnebh eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I am guessing that you are referring to the four great River Valley civilizations, the Nile River Valley in Egypt, the Tigris-Euphrates in Iran/Iraq, the Indus River Valley in India and the Huang-He River Valley in China.

I am not entirely sure what your are asking, though - different than what? Different than other river valleys? If you are asking why these four river valleys were the "cradles of civilization" in their respective areas, it is because the land in a river valley is fertile and good for growing. Plus, these are major rivers that connect to other waterways and were thus good for transporting goods. Historically, civilizations developed around places where people could grow food and then trade the surplus. No transportation, no trade.

The silt left behind by the ebb and flow of the rivers during various times of the year left behind very rich soil which was excellent for growing.

If this is not what you mean, please rephrase and ask again. Some links below should help you.



scarletbaby93 | Student

I think that what she said sums it up exactly how I was told by several different history and geography teachers in different states.The Great River Valleys were keystones of the beginnings of civilization. They made agriculture easy to thrive off of, irrigating land was easy because the crops were planted by the river sides. The Great River Valleys were seen as places of promise and hope of new lives.