What made Changez change his mind in the end of the novel and go back to Pakistan?

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Hamid constructs Changez in such a complex way that there end up being multiple factors that cause him to change is mind and go back to Pakistan.  Obviously, Changez's belief that the cultural dynamic and foreign policy element in the United States following the events of September 11 helped to create an evident construction in which Changez was not a part.  Changez felt that he did not fit into the "nostalgia" with which America proceeded following September 11.  Adding to this was the loss of Erica, whose death prompted Changez to view reality in a more isolated manner in America.  With Erica's death, Changez no longer felt that New York, and by extension, America, was home to him.  His discovery in Chile of how his function as a janissary, someone who was commissioned without knowing to destroy their own culture in the name of another helped Changez view himself in a different light.  All of these elements converge in motivating him to return to Pakistan, an area where the feeling of being an outsider is not as evident.  Changez believes that he can no longer be a part of something that he sees as so fundamentally wrong and in this, his decision to return to Pakistan becomes a reality that he embraces.