What does Madame Loisel do to replace the borrowed item?    

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Madame Loisel, with money that her husband has saved, purchases a new dress to wear to a party. Once she has a new dress, she is unhappy because she doesn't have suitable jewelry to wear. At her husband's suggestion, she borrows a necklace from a wealthy friend. When Madame Loisel and her husband return home from the party, she discovers that she lost the necklace.

Madame Loisel's husband suggests that she write her friend a letter to tell her that the clasp of the necklace is broken and is being repaired. This will give them time to find a solution. After searching for a week, it is determined that a replacement necklace must be purchased. Madame Loisel and her husband must borrow money when they find a necklace that looks the same as the original. Madame Loisel gives the replacement necklace to her friend. In order to pay back the debt, Madame Loisel dismisses her servant and performs her own house duties. After ten years of hard work, the debt is paid.

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