What are Lyddie's thoughts and feelings in chapters 3-6, in the book, Lyddie?

Expert Answers
mlsldy3 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In chapter 3 of Lyddie, we find that Lyddie and her brother Charlie, have each gone their separate ways to do work. Lyddie is going to work at a tavern as a maid. Lyddie sees well dressed women getting out at the tavern and finds out they work as a factory girl in Lowell, Massachusetts. She finds out that factory girls can make good money and take care of themselves. We see that Lyddie is upset by the events in the previous two chapters. She has lost her home, her mother and sisters, her brother, and worst of all, her freedom. She longs to have the freedom that she once had, but now she has to face the harsh realities of her situation. 

In chapter 4, Lyddie is still working as a maid. She is trying to make the best of it, but still wants her freedom. She befriends the tavern cook, Triphena, who makes Lyddie realize her own strength. Her brother, Charlie, comes for a short visit, and she realizes just how much she misses him, but she finds that the memories of her parents and sisters, are slowly fading away. Lyddie also begins to hear about run away slaves. In this chapter, Lyddie is trying to do her best work. She is nostalgic for her brother and home, but at the same time, has a hard time recalling memories of her parents and other siblings. Lyddie's feelings are that she is stronger than she thinks and she is starting to realize her strength.

In chapter 5, Lyddie's feelings are those of abandonment. She finds out that her brother, Charlie, is away at school, and Lyddie resents the family that has taken him in. She longs for a family of her own. Lyddie goes to the farm for a visit and meets Ezekial Abernathy, who is hiding in the farm house. Lyddie is surprised to find him there, he is the first black man she has ever seen in her life.

In chapter 6, we begin to see a change in the way Lyddie thinks about things. She finds out that Ezekial is a run away slave. She begins to see parallels between the two of them. They both have lost their freedom and they both want their freedom back. Before Lyddie leaves the farm, she gives her part of the money she had from the sale of the calf, to Ezekial, to help him find his freedom. Lyddie makes the decision to go to Lowell and become a factory girl. In this chapter, we really see Lyddie growing up and taking charge of her future. She knows that working in the tavern isn't going to help her gain any freedom, so she makes the adult choice to become a factory girl, so she can make more money and move closer to her goals in life.