What was Lyddie's initial impression of Brigid? 

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Lyddie meets Brigid in chapter 14, and Lyddie's first impression of her is not favorable.  By this point in the story, Lyddie has become one of the top producing factory girls, and she is running up to four looms at one time.  Unfortunately, Lyddie injured her hand in a previous chapter.  She is not back up to full capacity, so she has been chosen to train a new worker -- Brigid.  Lyddie thinks that Brigid is stupid and incapable.  Lyddie has seemed to forget what her own learning curve was like, and consequently, Lyddie gets immediately frustrated with Brigid not catching on quickly.  By the end of the day, Lyddie knows that Brigid is not ready to work her own loom, but Lyddie is so sick of Brigid that she tells Mr. Marsden that Brigid is ready to be on her own.