What is love?

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I believe that love has a different meaning for each person. I also think that love is not just a feeling but a complete experience that an individual goes through. There are also many different kinds of love such as romantic love, religious love, and platonic love.

According to psychological theories, love has three components. They are intimacy, commitment, and passion. Intimacy is familiarity and having a very close bond to someone. Commitment means that you are pledging your entire self to an individual. And then there is passion. Passion is an incredibly strong feeling for someone. You admire them with all of your heart.

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Well, this one probably takes the cake for the question or discussion with most posts.  Everyone is going to have a take on this particular item.  Part of what love has to consist of is a stronger feeling base and more authentic experience shared with an individual as opposed to the larger setting, in general.  I that there has to be some differentiation in feeling between the subject of one's love and others in the world.  If one is talking about the love that an individual experiences towards another, this is where the feelings have to be differentiated from others.  If the discussion is about a more universal love for all of humanity, then the discourse of love is one about a transcendent notion of the good, almost appealing to higher notions of the good in its expression.

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Good question! :)

In terms of sentiment, love is a bond or attachment that one person feels towards something or someone else. It is universally viewed as a romantic attachment, but in fact Christianity offers that there are in 4 types of love:

storge- affection ( στοργή) which is what you feel for your family, a strong bond altogether.

philios- friendship

eros- romance/sex


CS Lewis's book "The Four Loves" aims to explain these feelings and categorizes them accordingly.

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Love is definitely hard to define. There are different kinds. Familial love, love for family, is usually the first one we experience. Deep friendship is basically a kind of familiar love as well. Then there is romantic love, which involves passion at first, then becomes familial.
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I think the best way to define abstract terms is through personal experience.  That said, everyone's answer could be different.

My favorite definition of love (from teaching "definition" essays to 10th graders) is "putting others first by demonstrating a sacrifice."

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I believe the emotion we have termed love has been conjured up by some meretricious sadistic individual probably the agglutinative cavemen. sadly in the world of today with all corruption, love is nothing but lust. I don’t think it’s natural or innate. personally thinking it’s an emotion that with the brainwashing of the media, we are beguiled into believing it’s genuine. just an apple polished constructution of the mythical Cupid, excluding the love for family, friends and for the sportsmen u have. i guess love for the following mentioned is geniune and more approbative.

Wake up and smell the lust

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Love may not appear to be all that abstract idea when you consider that the word love represents, not just a noun but, a verb also. We can develop a great deal of clarity about nature of love by considering the kind of deeds that are involved in the action or verb of loving.

I believe, the act of loving is also the act of serving the object of love. The presence of object of love definitely brings joy and satisfaction to an individual. But this does not mean that just the desire to experience or possess the something is love for that thing. Rather love is concern for preservation and well being for the object of love. It is not just that a person in love is ready to serve and make sacrifices the loved one. A person in love actually derives pleasure and satisfaction in serving the loved one.

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I believe that love is not words but a sense of.....

what is love

Love .. Is that sense of invisibility, who is traveling everywhere and roams the world


In search of opportunity waiting to caress a sense .. And enchanting eyes ..


To sneak quietly .. And settles in the absence of reason and in spite of you ..


Within the cavities of the heart .... To have the spirit and conscience ..


To take control of each entity rights ..


Piece and love is the feeling that possesses rights in the inside

And round the world where it pleases grief

Touring everywhere on foam of the sea walk without sinking in the depths of


Love .. Is so delicious contagious epidemic, which affects all beings without exception ..


It attracts magnetic objects to each other ..


And without it will not last the life of any planet ..


For love .. Meanings of the great and many definitions vary from one lover to another .. Every lover has a vision and definition of


Special meaning of love ..