What were Louis XIV's ideologies, motivations, and goals?  

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Throughout his reign, King Louis XIV sought to strengthen the power of the French monarchy. He was an ardent proponent of the divine right of kings. This was the idea that monarchs received their authority from God. As an appointee of God, Louis had absolute authority in all French affairs.

When Louis came into power, he sought to reform much of the French government to shore up the power of the monarchy. He centralized much of the government's operations to be reliant on him and his ministers. This removed much of the clunky feudal system that had relied on indirect contributions from the nobility. The nobles still retained some of their power and wealth but became much more dependant on the king.

Louis created a system in which his nobles relied on him in many ways. He moved the French court to Versailles. Many of the nobles relocated there as well in order to be closer to the seat of power. They were compelled to spend large sums of money in order to keep up with the extravagant...

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