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Lorraine's mother leads a pretty miserable life on the whole. She seldom smiles and never enjoys herself. Her whole sorry existence is perpetually plagued with one problem or another. Whether it's her weight or chronic financial problems, there's always something weighing heavily on Mrs. Jensen's shoulders.

Due largely to her husband's infidelity and subsequent death, Mrs. Jensen has developed a very dark and cynical worldview, especially when it comes to men. She constantly warns Lorraine that men are only after one thing. She's also worried that Lorraine may end up being raped while she—Mrs. Jensen—is working nights, even going to the lengths of calling her up to remind her that she needs to check all the doors and windows are locked. Mrs. Jensen's life experiences have turned her into a bitter woman, her soul eaten away by hate. It's no wonder that Lorraine would much rather spend time in the company of the happy, welcoming Mr. Pignati, a man who really knows how to enjoy life.

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