What is the longitude and latitude for New York?

Expert Answers
ncchemist eNotes educator| Certified Educator

That depends whether you are talking about the state of New York or New York City.  The state of New York is in the northeastern portion of the US just north of Pennsylvania and just south of New England (the states in the very northeastern corner of the country).  The latitude for New York ranges from 40 degrees 30' N to 45 degrees 1' N.  The longitude ranges from 71 degrees 51' W to 79 degrees 46' W.  Latitude should be read as degrees and minutes (denoted with an apostrophe) north of the Equator and latitude should be read as degrees and minutes west of the Prime Meridian.

In case you are talking about New York City (the biggest city in the US in the southeastern corner of the state near Long Island), that is centered at 40 degrees 40.2' N and 73 degrees 56.4' W.

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