What is a point of logical reflection regarding The Matrix?

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think that there are several reflection points that can be gained from a viewing ofTheMatrix.  One of them lies at the heart of the questioning of reality.  The analysis of what constitutes reality is one of the strongest points of logical reflection that arises from the film.  Are human beings actually free?  Is there a "matrix" in our own lives?  These are elements that come out of the film and elements that arise out of a viewing of it.  The logical extensions of such a reflection are to assess the "matrix- like" elements in our own lives.  What are those elements that seek to appropriate our own behavior and how do we, like Neo and the others in Zion, break out of it?  I also think that this helps to bring out another point of reflection in the viewing of the film in terms of how individuals react to the elements that are akin to the matrix in our own lives.  Are we like Neo and Trinity, individuals who recognize the need to break free from the matrix at all costs?  Are we more like Morpheus, who recognizes that breaking free is only as good as the ability to recruit others into the cause?  Are we more like Cypher, who wishes for nothing more than to go back and be deluded into "ignorant bliss?"  These become the reflective issues that arises from a viewing of the film, reflection that help to bring out more about ourselves and our world.