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Mary Logan: mother of main character, Cassie Logan

David Logan: father of Cassie

Cassie Logan: 9 year old protagonist

Christopher John: one of Cassie's younger brother

Little Man: Cassie's youngest brother

Stacey: Cassie's oldest brother (12)

Big Ma: Cassie's paternal grandmother

Uncle Hammer: brother of Cassie's dad, David Logan.

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In school i remember reading about this but the only characters i really remember are:*

Big ma( grandmother to cassie logan(main character) )

David Logan( father to cassie )

Mary Logan( mother to cassie)

Stacey Logan ( oldest brother to cassie)

Cassie Logan (Main character)

Christopher- John Logan ( younger brother to Cassie)

Little man Logan ( youngest brother to Cassie)


I really hope this helps you with your work or research... you might think this is a little weird but i say a little conclusion after each answer i write.


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There is a picture of the family tree as included in Mildred D. Taylor's The Land at this page:

It is located on the fourth page down (if you include the cover as page one), right after the table of contents.

In case this link is dead by the time somebody comes to read it, here is a text version:

* Deborah, daughter of Kanati (Native american) and Emmaline married Edward.
Edward was a white plantation owner, Deborah was his former slave. Their children (not including several of Edward's white children from his deceased wife) were:
- Cassie (not the main character of Roll of Thunder... though)
- Paul-Edward (Cassie, Stacey, CJ and Little Man's Grandpa)

* Paul-Edward married Caroline (Daughter of Luke "Sam" and Rachel).
Their children were:
- Mitchell Thomas (Killed in the World War), named after Caroline's first husband Mitchell who was shot and killed, and who told his best friend Paul-Edward to take care of her
- Kevin Edward (Drowned), named after Paul-Edward's father, Edward
- Luke Hammond ("Hammer"), named after one of Paul-Edward's white brothers, Hammond
- David George, named after another of Paul-Edward's white brothers, George

(Side note: interestingly, Uncle Hammer had more of George's personality, and David had more of Hammond's personality, according to one book)
(Another side note: Paul-Edward also had white brother Robert, but did not name a child after him. I have an idea why, but do not want to give away any information from the book The Land, which is an awesome book)

*David married Mary
Their children were:
- Robert Stacey ("Stacey")
- Cassie Deborah ("Cassie" of Roll of Thunder, Hear my Cry)
- Christopher-John ("CJ")
- Clayton Chester ("Little Man")

Hope that helps!

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