What are the locations of Rainford's journey from the time he falls of the yacht to the end of "The Most Dangerous Game"?    

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"The Most Dangerous Game" starts out with big game hunter Sanger Rainsford on a yacht in the Caribbean Sea, bound for his next hunt along the Amazon River in South America. The yacht is passing the mysterious Ship-Trap Island when Rainsford falls of the yacht. He swims ashore to the island, making his way to an unexpected mansion owned by General Zaroff, a former Russian Cossack and big game hunter himself. Before Zaroff begins his nightly hunt, he reveals to Rainsford a false channel that he uses as a lure to wreck ships upon the reef. The next day, Zaroff hunts Rainsford. The general warns Rainsford about the Death Swamp located on the island, which includes an area of quicksand. Rainsford heads into the wooded wilderness of the island, managing to avoid the quicksand, and he eventually escapes by reaching a cliff by the sea that overlooked a cove from which he could see Zaroff's chateau. Rather than facing the armed Zaroff and his dogs, Rainsford chose to jump from the cliff into the waters below.

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