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What is the location of Africa?  

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Africa is a continent found on planet Earth. Earth exists within the Milky Way Galaxy which is found in a small group of galaxies called the Local Group on the edge of a supercluster named the Virgo Supercluster. Africa is a fairly large continent. It is the second largest continent by land mass. It contains just over 20% of the planet's total land area. Planet Earth is round, so saying that Africa is in the "middle" is a bit goofy; however, most Mercator projection maps will show Africa in the middle of the map. Africa is nearly cut in half by the equator. The continent's most northern point is located at 37°21′ N, and its most southern point is 34°51′15″ S. The distance between those two points is about 5,000 miles. Interestingly, the distance from the continent's most western and eastern points is also nearly 5,000 miles (4,600 miles). The western most point is located at longitude 17°31′13″W, and the eastern most point is located at 51°27′52″ E. Africa's location is changing as well. Due to plate tectonics, the African continent is slowly moving northeast at a rate of about 2.15 cm per year.

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Africa is located to the south of Europe and to the southwest of Asia. Egypt, in the northeast corner of Africa, is due west of the Arabian Peninsula. The second largest continent in the world, it is to the south of the Mediterranean Sea, west of the Indian Ocean, and east of the Atlantic Ocean. That is a description of the relative location of Africa.

The absolute location of the continent is between 20W and 60E and 35N and 35S. Africa is the only continent to sit on four hemispheres, as the equator runs almost right through the middle of the land. The prime meridian also cuts through Africa. It is hard to miss on the map because it covers nearly 12 million square miles.

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