What is a living thing that carries out all life functions?

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gsenviro eNotes educator| Certified Educator

All living things are capable of carrying out all life processes. Some examples of such organisms are plants, animals, microorganisms (such as bacteria), and human beings. All of these life forms carry out life processes such as growth, metabolism, and reproduction. Depending on the complexity of the life form, such processes may be simple or very complex. In other words, the same process may be carried out by simple cells in simpler life-forms or may be carried out by complex organ systems in more complicated life-forms, such as human beings.

Cells are the smallest life-forms that can carry out all life processes. According to the cell theory, all organisms are made up of cells, which are the smallest unit of life (which means capable of carrying out life processes). Cell theory also states that all the cells come from pre-existing cells.

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