What are the living conditions in Salem in Act IV of The Crucible?pages 121-145

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pirateteacher eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In the final act of The Crucible, the audience sees a much different town then when the play opened.  At the beginning of Act IV, Cheever tells Danforth that the town is in a state of unrest.  He believes that this may have to do with the cows wandering around town because their owners have been placed in jail or executed.

There be so many cows wanderin' the highroads now their masters are in jails, and so much disagreement who they will belong to now.

While it is now fall, a time when Salem should be harvested the fall vegetation, no one is left to harvest the food.  Instead, the town is full of crops rotten on their vines. The death and decay of the once vibrant foods can by seen as a symbol for the death and decay of the town.

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