What is the literary type of the Aeneid? And who are the characters in the story?

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Jamie Wheeler eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Virgil's "Aenied" is an epic poem about Aeneas and his Trojan soliders.  It takes place after the battle for Troy.  The Goddess Juno is on the Trojans side and blows Aeaneas' ship off course.  Aeneas is half immortal, and his mother, Juno, begs Jupiter to help her son get home.  The epic switches between Olympus, the home of the gods and goddesses, and Aeneas' exploits on Earth, such as the goddess Dido who falls in love with Aeneas and Aeneas' journey through the Underworld.

As for all your other questions, this space is not designed to answer so completely, but you can find out literally everything you need to know by visiting the link below.  Go to the "Navigate" bar on the right and choose from the various selections. "Summary and Analysis" of each of the 11 books of the Aeneid will probably help you the most.