What is the literary time period of Fahrenheit 451 and what are the dates of it?

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Ray Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451 first appeared in print in 1953, though it was based on a short story - "The Fireman" - published in 1951.  Bradbury's text, published after the end of World War II, can in many ways be considered part of the post-modern literary movement.  In reality, though, it contains not only of post-modern themes, but also those somewhat common in modernism before it.  The novel takes place at a time more of less contemporary with the publication of the novel.  As such, it takes place in the middle of the initial phase of the Cold War, a fact that filters through not only to the novel's content, but also the themes it explores.

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I have skimmed through Fahrenheit 451 a few times and I'm almost positive it is post-modernist (5+ Years after the end of WWII = Post modern, Before that would be modern). F. 451 first appeared in print around the 1950s.

If someone can confirm my answer, that'd be great.

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