What literary time period does William Bradford belong to and how the author represents that time period?  

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William Bradford belongs to what is considered Colonial literature. This time frame is also referred to occasionally as "foundations and encounters." Bradford was born to a farmer in England in the late 16th Century. He read the Bible as a child and, inspired by the sermons of a Puritan preacher, he joined the Puritan faith and fled England in search of religous freedom in 1620. Bradford was elected governor of the Plymouth colonly shortly after arriving in the New World. Beyond just his biography, Bradford's "Of Plymouth Plantation" chronicles the difficulties the original English settlers encountered in the New World. He chronicled these obstacles in an effort to inspire the generations that would come after his own, but despite best efforts, the Puritan's goal of creating a morally upstanding country eventually faded as they faced the increasingly difficult work of settling a new land.

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