What are the literary terms in this piece of poetry by Phyllis Gotlieb?Those I found are the obvious ones:: •Repetition•Metaphor•Alliteration  

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parallelism--the repetition of grammatical structure.  The               whole first stanza repeats the structure of the                sentence below.

I'd rather
heave half a brick than say
I love you, though I do

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Hyperbole--wrench off an arm

personification--the heart knows its place

rhyme--rather gather

Hope that helps.

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My bad . . . 

First Person Demonstrative

I'd rather
heave half a brick than say
I love you, though I do
I'd rather
crawl in a hole than call you
darling, though you are
I'd rather
wrench off an arm than hug you though
it's what I long to do
I'd rather
gather a posy of poison ivy than
ask if you love me

so if my
hair doesn't stand on end it's because
I never tease it
and if my
heart isn't in my mouth it's because
it knows its place
and if I
don't take a bite of your ear it's because
gristle gripes my guts
and if you
miss the message better get new
glasses and read it twice -- Phyllis Gotlieb