What literary terms does jodi picoult commonly use in her books? Also how does she use imagery and suspense?If you have the titles of books please include them. Thanks.

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I haven't read all Jodi Picoult's books - but have read three in the past year or so: My Sister's Keeper, 19 Minutes, and Handle with Care.

There were similarities in all of these books (and I assume in many more of her books as well), including:

point of view: Picoult tells the story from the perpective of various characters, devoting different chapters to be told by someone different.  In this way, the reader gets a somewhat broader idea of the big picture - but everything is still biased and details are left out.  It's actually pretty cool - once I got used to it.  By doing this she is successful in allowing us to really know the characters, but she still maintains suspense.

theme: each of these books has a plot element of a lawyer/crime/court scene.  In this way she seems to be constantly developing a theme of justice in some way.  These books also dealt with some sort of sickness, disease, or other medical issue.  *They all had a tragic ending - be prepared to cry.

circular style: I guess this is similar to the way she uses point-of-view - rather than telling her stories from beginning to end, chronologically, she tells them from so many perspectives (character's as well as time-perspectives) that throughout reading there is a piecing together of everything that usually is complete by the end of the book.  Again, a thought provoking approach to writing (adding suspense).  With all three of these books I was hooked from the very beginning simply because so many questions are posed right away that demand answers.  Even when the story itself wasn't really a subject I typically enjoy (such as crime/thriller) - I couldn't help wanting to know the end of the book.