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The Most Dangerous Game

by Richard Edward Connell

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What literary techniques does Cornell use to narrate?

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Connell's story is a great example of several literary devices. Connell's story makes great use of foreshadowing. He gives clues at the beginning of the story that elude to what is to come. When Rainsford is on the yacht at the opening of the story and he is talking with Whitney about the hunter and the huntee, this is an example of foreshadowing how Rainsford, who is unfeeling about the huntee, will get a chance to feel what it is like later.

Connell also has a great sense of imagery as he tells the story. The reader really gets some good mental pictures about the way that everything looks. He makes good use of similes to illustrate the mood and the atmosphere. For example, "'There was no breeze. The sea was as flat as plate glass. We were drawing near the island then. What I felt was a- a mental chill, a sort of sudden dread.'" Connell also uses metaphors to illustrate points in the story as well, like the way the hunted feel, "The fellow lost his head."He makes use of personification when he writes "An apprehensive night crawled slowly by."

 There are several techniques that Connell uses which is what makes this such a great story.

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