What is literary process?     URGENT!! please help

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durbanville eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Whenever a piece of written material is published, the writer waits for critics to hopefully, applaud his work and add him to the list of acclaimed writers. There are many talented writers but not all are able to "translate" their genius into a notable piece of literature.

Anyone who writes or who tries, even through art,  to express their opinion, always has INTENT. The literary process begins when the writer/ artist expresses that intent. There are writers who were barely recognised during their lifetimes and only on analysis , after their death, have their works been given any kind of recognition. Emily Dickinson's work was edited to such an extent that it was barely recognisable -as it was necessary to be appropriate for the era and her work needed to conform. She actually wanted her poems destroyed after her death - but her sister, fortunately decided otherwise.

Accordingly, it is not enough to be a good or even great writer. For the literary process to be effective, the reader and therefore the REACTION, is equally important. Readers have expectations and so a writer must appreciate that. The era in which the writer exists or about which he or she writes (the subject), the environment or external circumstances, the economy (for more modern works) and so on, all contribute to the literary process.

The literary process then allows a writer to adapt or EDIT their writing to suit the audience based on previous reactions; hence a STYLE develops and allows the reader to select authors, poets, writers, artists that they prefer. A mutually beneficial situation results.