What are the literary elements used in Trifles by Susan Glaspell?

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Susan Glaspell wrote the play Trifles in 1916. The dialogue centers on two women who come in to help Mrs. Wright,  whose husband has been murdered.  The play centers on the psychological study of these two  women and their abilities to see into situations with a different view than their male counterparts.  The county officials do not find clues in the scene that the women found in the course of their work.

The title has a twofold meaning:  the clues that the women find are considered as unimportant and irrelevant because the women found them; in addition, the title refers to the men’s view of women as trivial and their observation as unimportant.  The title may also refer to the bird that the murder victim regarded as annoying and unnecessary.  To Mrs. Wright, it probably brought great joy.

The setting of the story is the early twentieth century in the winter. The entire action takes place in the kitchen of the Wrights.  Mrs. Wright has been taken to jail, and Mr. Wright has been...

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