What are the literary elements used in the poem? Many thanks!

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Sexton, or Anne Gray Harvey, mixes sarcasm and modern-day perspectives with a traditional Grimm's fairy-tale. Harvey's "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" is saturated with metaphors, similes and references to twentieth-century understanding and pop-culture (like Little Orphan Annie). It is a bit like a twentieth-century chick-fight with a classic flair. Here are some examples of literary elements used in the poem:

"She was full of life as soda pop" - simile

"Pride pumped in her like poison" - simile

The mirror replies.... - Personification

"The stepmother had a mirror to which she referred--

something like the weather forecast" - simile

". . . and the snakes hung down in loops,/ each a noose for her sweet white neck" - metaphor

"The dwarfs, those little hot dogs," - metaphor

". . . wattled like small czars" - simile

For more information on the poem, see the link below. :)



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