What is the literary element or device in Henry James's Daisy Miller, and what is the analysis of its importance to the literary work?

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Your question is a little difficult to understand since there are myriad literary devices and more than half-a-dozen literary elements [literary elements are one of two kinds of literary device: (1) literary element (required devices) and (2) literary techniques (optional devices)].

One way to answer your question is to change your article "the" to "a" and think you want one example of one literary element, in which case I might suggest the thesis of the story (which may be different from a statement of the theme of the story), which might be expressed this way: "Just as innocence and gullible naivete in personal life can bring great harm to oneself and to others, so can innocence and gullible naivete in cultural life bring great harm to oneself and to others." Daisy is an example of these characteristics on both the personal life level (her personal traits) and the cultural life level (being a nouveau riche American), and she brings great harm to herself and to others through both levels.

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