What are the literary devices used in "The Country of the Blind"?

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The blind man described at the beginning is compared to an animal in order to emphasize his pitiable condition when he died. "Poor stray from that remoteness" is a metaphor which also brings attention to the mystery of the Country of the Blind and the seclusion of its inhabitants.

The landscape is frequently personified. Examples include: a rock wall "reared itself to the sky"; trees "rising" from a valley; the "very foot" of the precipice; the world "had so terribly shaken itself"; the old Arauca crest "slipped and came down"; there "lies" a valley; the rising sun "ceased to strike along the gorge." This personification adds to the mystique and legend of the Country of the Blind, a place where the land itself is alive. Most importantly, the stark imagery uncovers the importance of sight in this story and foreshadows Nunez's ultimate choice to choose his eyesight at the peril of his own life.

Nunez's reticence about the ways of the blind are shown through similes "as blind as a bat" and "as black as pitch," which emphasize how strange the blind world is to a person with sight. This discomfort also foreshadows his ultimate choice in keeping his eyes. The blind people's beliefs seem especially absurd to a person with vision. Birds are angels, because they cannot be touched. A smooth dome encloses the world 100 feet above. There is great irony in the fact that their beliefs appear to be demonstrably false to Nunez. It is difficult to imagine somebody with sight accepting these beliefs, so this further adds to the suspicion that Nunez will never truly assimilate with the inhabitants of the Country of the Blind.

Finally, during Nunez's final flight, he believes he sees a path that he might take out of the valley, a "door" which "looked like Heaven." This simile reveals that Nunez can never truly accept what he knows not to be true and decries the Country of the Blind as a place of suppression and close-mindedness. This comparison possibly foreshadows Nunez's death. Death may be the only way out of his predicament.

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