In "Miss Brill" by Kathryn Mansfield, what Literary devices are used to convey theme?

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Miss Brill” by Kathryn Mansfield details an incident in the life of a spinster teacher who lives in in a French resort town.  Written in the 1920s, the brief characterization presents a lonely woman who longs for human contact and connection.  Every Sunday, Miss Brill goes to the park for a band concert in hopes of striking up conversations with the other attendees.  Miss Brill also “people watches” and often makes judgments based on their clothing and actions.

Using  the third person limited omniscient point of view, the ultimate characterization is elicited by watching the story through the eyes of the protagonist.  Sundays to Miss Brill are the most important days of the weeks.  Her bench in the park awaits her, and her companions are the strangers that share her bench. 

The author uses symbolism to convey the prevalent theme of loneliness.  In this time period, there was no stigma in wearing a real fur piece even with the actual head attached. ...

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