Civil Peace Questions and Answers
by Chinua Achebe

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What are the literary devices used in Chinua's civil peace?

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Here are a few:

Dialogue: Achebe uses dialogue with great discretion in "Civil Peace." In the early sections of the story, only two phrases of dialogue are presented, both of which support Jonathan's optimism: "Happy survival!" and "Nothing puzzles God."

Drama: In Chinua Achebe , C. L....

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They have used imagery to form mental images in the reader's head, using languages to expressed some particular person, action or object involved in the action. They also uses metaphors, an implied analogy to the person's mind, making a comparison to other people, and also to twist the meaning of the word. Also, the story is expressed clearly in a third-person point of view, which means that the events are clearly depicted by Jonathan's eyes and thoughts, and he doesn't have any direct participation with the matter at hand.

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