What literary device is used in Maus's subtitle "My Father Bleeds History"?

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teachertaylor eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In the subtitle to the first part of Maus, the phrase "My Father Bleeds History" includes a metaphor. In this part of the biography, Art Speigelman gives the background to his father's, Vladek's, story. Through interviews, Vladek tells Speigelman the details of his life before he was taken into concentration camps. Speigelman uses the word "bleeds" as a metaphor to describe the painful details that Vladek reveals to him. Plus, Vladek who has not been so open with his son throughout his life, finally opens up to Speigelman and gives him many details. So, the use of metaphor in the subtitle of the story suggests the nature of the story that Vladek shares with his son.

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atyourservice | Student

"My Father Bleeds History" is a metaphor. The father isn't really bleeding it is a figurative way to say that the father was part of an historical event, and that he knew and went through things that were now part of history.