What literary device, if any, is used in the play Othello?

Some literary devices that are used in the play Othello are irony, imagery, and foreshadowing. Shakespeare uses dramatic irony when the audience knows that Iago is lying to Othello, and he uses imagery when Iago calls Othello "an old black ram." Shakespeare foreshadows Desdemona's death when Brabantio warns Othello about his daughter's deceitful actions.

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Shakespeare utilizes a plethora of literary devices in Othello. He incorporates various types of irony in his play. Dramatic irony is present in that the audience is aware of what characters do not know. We know that Iago is not Othello’s friend and that he is merely playing with Othello’s mind to get his revenge. However, Othello is unaware that he cannot trust Iago and that his entire life is about to be destroyed. Verbal irony is also present when characters say the opposite of what they mean. For example, Iago tells Cassio he speaks to him “in the sincerity of love and honest kindness.” There is no love or honesty in Iago; there is only a hatred that is constantly fueled. Additionally, there is situational irony in that many events turn out to be the opposite of what is expected. The reason Othello and Desdemona met and fell in love is because Brabantio invited him to tell stories from his life. Brabantio now is angry that the two are married, yet he is the one who...

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