What mode of literary criticism would work with "Games at Midnight"?

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If you were looking for a particularly relevant line of literary criticism for Desai's work, I would suggest assessing it from the postcolonial point of view.  Examining the issues of alienation and marginalization that Ravi experiences in the story could be seen from a very interesting point of view in the postcolonial frame of reference.  Ravi could be seen as representative of nation or ethnic identities that seek to assert their own voice in a setting that does not immediately acknowledge their narrative.  In a postcolonial frame of reference, Ravi's statement of voice and decidedly rebellious position taken towards "the game" can be seen in a variety of postcolonial lights.  Literary criticism seeks to assess and analyze work in a different light, taking what is presented in the work to another level in terms of significance and meaning.  In this, I think that there is a very interesting set of ideas if Desai's work is seen in a postcolonial literary criticist mindset.  As a major theme of postcolonialism is the emergence of "the other" and this concept's view of oneself in a larger element, I think that this fits quite nicely with Ravi's narrative and his experiences.

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