What is a list of the indoor scenes in the basically outdoor story "Hunters in the Snow"?

Expert Answers
amymc eNotes educator| Certified Educator

While this is a story about an outdoor sport, two of the brief indoor scenes are very pivotal. There are basically four indoor scenes:

  1. The farmhouse
  2. The bar
  3. The truckstop diner
  4. The truck cab, though, with the snow blowing through the broken window, this could also be considered outdoor.

The first pivotal scene occurs when Frank and Tub ask the farmer for a phone and directions to a hospital. Here they learn that Kenny killed the dog not out of meanness or spite, but as a favor to the heartbroken couple. We realize that Kenny, more than likely, was not going to shoot Tub, but was rather pulling another poorly thought-out prank.

The next pivotal scene occurs when Frank and Tub stop their journey to the hospital in order to warm up. At the diner, Tub admits to his problem with binge-eating. Frank decides to feed him pancakes as a show of friendship and solidarity. Not only is this gesture damaging to Tub's health, it is also damaging to Kenny's health as he is freezing and bleeding in the bed of the truck.

Both of these scenes, while differing from the generally outdoor setting, provide additional insight into the characters.