What is a list of all the characters in Rosa Guy's The Friends?  

Expert Answers
bullgatortail eNotes educator| Certified Educator

This is probably not a complete list of characters, but these are the main ones in Rosa Guy's teen novel The Friends.

Phyllisia Cathay, the protagonist and main character.

Ramona Cathay, Phyllisia's beautiful mother.

Beulah, the toughest girl in Phyllisia's class.

Calvin Cathay, Phyllisia's father. .

Frank Cathay, a family cousin.

Ruby Cathay, Phyllisia's sister.

Bess Jackson, Edith's sister.

Edith Jackson, Phyllisia's friend.

Ellen Jackson, Edith's youngest sister.

Minnie Jackson, Edith's seven-year-old sister.

Mr. Jackson, Edith's father. 

Randy Jackson, Edith's brother.

Suzy Jackson, Edith's eight-year-old sister.

José, a good-looking boy whom Phyllisia kisses. 

Miss Lass, Phyllisia's teacher.

Norman, a boy who flirts with Phyllisia.

Orlando, Norman's brother. 

Miriam Robbins, a classmate of Phyllisia's.

Mrs. Robbins, Miriam's mother. 

Carole Smith, a classmate of Phyllisia's.