What is a list of 3 songs that the character Ralph would most likely enjoy or relate to from the book Lord of the Flies.

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In the book The Lord of the Flies Ralph is a natural born leader who is the more reputable of the two leaders.  He is in constant competition from Jack  who wants to gain control over the group of young boys.  In addition, Ralph finds himself facing the savage behavior of Jack and his followers.

I would start out with the Rolling Stones "I Can't Get No Satisfaction."  This song relates to Ralph because when he is first trying to get everyone organized on the island, he can not get help to build the huts or anyone to consistently keep the fire buring.

The next song would be Creedence Clearwater Revival "Bad Moon Rising."  The reason is that bad things start to rise out of Jack's corner of the island as Jack becomes the self-ordained leader.  In addition, Simon gets killed at the hands of the boys after they were dancing fanatically around the fire.

The third song would be Bob Dylan's "Blowin in the Wind. " "The answer, my friend, is blowing in the wind, the answer is blowin in the wind."

By the time the military vessel arrives to rescue Ralph the boy is in near shock.  He can not even begin to tell what had happened. 

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