What is the link between industrialization and the new imperialism of the 19th century?  

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Industrialization precipitated the rise of New Imperialism. Since industrialization improved production in American and European economies, countries began implementing protectionist policies to guard infant businesses against competition from foreign firms. Britain's economy was under threat because it relied on international trade. Its goods were heavily taxed in foreign markets, and most English businesses were losing money from rising costs. As a result, Britain was losing its dominance in world trade and needed a new solution to regain its power. John Ruskin, a British professor, was one of the first people to propose imperialism and the acquisition of colonies as the new role for Britain. Benjamin Disraeli shared Ruskin's sentiments and believed that Britain could solidify its superiority on the international stage through acquiring colonies.

The term "New Imperialism" refers to colonization in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Most notably, this involved large-scale...

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