Annabel Lee Questions and Answers
by Edgar Allan Poe

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What lines inform you of Annabel's death in "Annabel Lee"?

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I would say that the tragic underpinnings of "Annabel Lee" are revealed gradually and incrementally within the poem. For most of the first two Stanzas, Poe's narrator focuses upon their intense love for one another, without yet giving any hint that one of the two is deceased. This begins to change in the last two lines of the second stanza, which reveals that "the wingèd seraphs of Heaven / Coveted her and me." This imagery introduces the first hints of a much darker story still to be revealed. It has not yet been stated unequivocally, but we've been given a suggestion as to the tragic realities still to be divulged.

Then, in the next stanza, Poe introduces Annabel's "highborn kinsmen" who come to take Annabel Lee away from...

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