What is Lily's comfort item in The Giver?

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Towards the end of chapter 2, Lily's father tells her that it is time for bed and grabs her comfort object off the shelf. Lily's comfort object is a stuffed elephant. Lily's mother mentions to her daughter that she is almost eight years old and reminds her that she will have her comfort object taken away at the next ceremony. Lily's mother also says that her daughter's stuffed elephant will eventually be recycled and given to a younger child in their community. In Jonas's completely structured community, children are given comfort objects as emotional support tools. Interestingly, the narrator mentions that Lily's comfort object is an imaginary creature like Jonas's previous comfort object, which was a bear. This indicates that wild, exotic animals do not exist in Jonas's community, which is founded on the concept of Sameness.

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Lily's comfort object is a soft, stuffed object called "elephant" that she takes to bed with her. In the book, a comfort object is a soft "imaginary creature" (as animals are referred to in the book) that each child receives as a baby to hold on to. Children in the book are given a comfort object as a baby and are able to have them until they are seven years old. Once a child reaches age eight, they can no longer have their comfort object. Once a child is too old for a comfort object, the comfort object is used again for a new baby that is born. Lily's brother used to have a comfort object called "bear" before he turned eight years old.

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