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William Wordsworth

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What are the likes and dislikes of William Wordsworth?

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I think the best way to address this question is by posting a top 5 list of his likes and generating questions as to why each is on the list.  This might make things clear as to his likes and dislikes:

5)  Nature- See the poem "Daffodils."

4)  Individuality- The man walked the old roads of France on his own.  How does this come out in his poetry?

3)  Country life- Why does he dislike the cities? More importantly, what can he find in the country that he might not be able to find in the urban setting.

2)  The hopes of the French Revolution- He describes it as "blissful"- think of the motto of the Revolution and you might be able to determine why.

1)  Youthful passion- See the poem, "Tintern Abbey" amongst others.

Obviously, if you look at the opposite of each, the dislikes come out in stark fashion.  For example, if Wordsworth loves individuality, then he would have a dislike for conformity or "peer pressure."  If he loved the French Revolution, then he would dislike the Reign of Terror and the betrayal of it that resulted.  If he loved youthful passion, then he would dislike elderly mistrust.  These themes are in many, if not all of his poems.  Keeping these ideas in mind while you read his poetry will allow a greater appreciation to develop.

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