What is the likely source of organisms that grew best at 37^ C and how do they survive at room temperature?  no

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To answer this question we need to identify a specific place where there is a temperature range of approximately 37 degrees celcius. 

1. tropical and desert places- these places have a temperature range where 37 degrees is included. Selectively, tropical places is better because of it humidity unlike that of the desert where it is dry. Humidity plays a big role in the survival of a certain organism.

2. Remember that human body has a net temperature of 37 degrees celcius which is a place where an organism can grow. This is the reason why we can be affected by bacteria because they can survive in that condition. Apparently, this is the reason why researchers often select their media under 37 degrees in order to see if a specific organism can thrive in humans. 


how they can survive in room condition?

In a room condition, most of the materials, chemicals and reactions are in most stable form. Generally organism can best grow in room condition because of the sources of nutrients, water and air. 

If we narrow down our selection to bacteria and viruses, we can see that they can  survive in the room condition without water and nutrients for long periods of time. Generally they can be on the "suspended state" until they enter a living cell.




hope this helps :)

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