What are some important life messages that we can get from Helen Keller's The Story Of My Life?

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One lesson that The Story of My Life imparts is that every child deserves an education suited to him or her. Before Anne Sullivan starts working with Helen Keller, Keller is deemed unable to communicate because people don't know how to reach her. However, with the correct type of education and a teacher who understands her, Keller learns how to communicate with sign language and how to read. Therefore, no child should be deemed uneducable. Another important message is the value of each person and his or her ability to contribute to society. When Anne Sullivan starts working with Keller, she treats her student with the respect she would give to any student who could speak and hear. The only difference in the way she treats Keller is that Sullivan uses sign language instead of speech. As a result, Keller learns to respect herself and to understand that she is capable of great thoughts and achievements. In addition, Keller's story teaches us the value of struggle. She had to struggle at first to understand language, but once she learned how to communicate, a new world opened up to her. 

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